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06 October 2008 @ 07:03 pm
There will be no more posts after Monday, October 6th (closing date).

If you're looking for Smackdown results after their move to MyNetwork TV, here are some places that provide those: http://www.lordsofpain.net/, http://www.wrestlingweekly.net/, http://prowrestling.com/, and http://www.wrestlezone.com/.

If you're looking for other WWE-related communities there is: wwe, wwe_icons, wwegirls, wweramblings, wwe_ppv, wwe_raw and wrestletalk.

I want to thank all the members who tried consistently to keep this place alive; lolitabonita, bethie_p, _____deardiary. I also thank all the members who participated in the contests; _____deardiary, lolitabonita, dx_chick1992, ravensgurl211 and several others. I had a good time maintaining the community! I hope you guys had an enjoyable time here! =D
05 October 2008 @ 11:38 pm
Hello members of bytethis! Behind the cut are the winners and awards of our third and last challenge. If you have any questions or if there are any mistakes made on the awards, please let me know! =D

The correct diva was indeed Candice Michelle:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Winners revealed behind hereCollapse )
05 October 2008 @ 05:16 am
WWE is concluding its blockbuster week with the much anticipated pay-per-view No Mercy. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho have driven each other to the edge during their rivalry, and tonight it might just get even more brutal. "The Heartbreak Kid" challenges Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match. The ultimate risk-taker Jeff Hardy has come time and time again to reaching the brass ring and claiming a spot at the top of the success ladder only to miss. To most, it seems Hardy has one last chance to be crowned a world champion and defy what all naysayers believe when he faces Triple H for the WWE Championship. While Jeff Hardy has had his trials and tribulations as a singles competitor, his brother Matt Hardy, earned the ECW Championship in a Championship Scramble match at Unforgiven. Matt's opponent Mark Henry believes that when competing one-on-one there is no chance in hell of Hardy leaving the ring with the gold belt. Tonight, Hardy will put his title on the line against the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. Which superstars will leave as a champion? Also, Batista and JBL will fight for the next number one contendership, Beth Phoenix puts her Women's Championship on the line against Candice Michelle, the ultimate underdog Rey Mysterio will square off against the unsympathetic maniacal Kane, and two of the biggest Goliath's in WWE history, Big Show and The Undertaker will collide inside the squared circle.

Remember you can purchase No Mercy through your local cable/satellite provider or purchase to view the webcast on WWE.com. The WWE homepage have provided the following instructions on how to do purchase the webcast. No Mercy begins at 8pm eastern only on pay-per-view/webcast. Results for tonight's event will be posted at later time.

No Mercy Results 10/05/2008Collapse )
03 October 2008 @ 04:01 am
Tonight is Smackdown's move from CW Network to MyNetworkTv. The program is chalked up with most matches hosting champions vs champions:

Triple H (WWE Champion) vs Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Matt Hardy
(ECW Champion)
Beth Phoenix (Women's Champion) vs Michelle McCool (Divas Champion)
Shelton Benjamin (United States Champion) vs Santino Marella (Intercontinental Champion)

Remember to tune into Smackdown tonight at 8pm eastern on MyNetworkTV. Results will be posted at a later time.

Note: This is my final night and week typing results for Raw, ECW and Smackdown. For the past year, I had a great time doing them. =) Farewell results and previews! =/

Smackdown Results 10/03/08Collapse )
A completely new entrance for Smackdown was shown; new footage and new music was used. Jim Ross and Tazz welcomed us from ringside; they spoke about the all-star kickoff for tonight as various cutouts of superstars and divas were shown. The first superstar to come out for the all-star kick off was Jeff Hardy. Hardy received a big ovation as he came out to the stage. He slapped the hands of fans at ringside as he made his way down the ramp. Rey Mysterio from Raw walked out to the stage and hit his pyros. Mysterio showed appreciation to his fans at ringside as he came down the ramp. The Fighting Irishmen and his son Hornswoggle were next to come out. Former Smackdown superstar Batista was accepted loudly by the fans in the arena. Batista shook hands with his team members in the ring. The opposing team began making their entrances; Montel Vontavious Porter was first, and followed by John Bradshaw Layfield, The Brian Kendrick, and Kane.

Finlay, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio vs MVP, JBL, The Brian Kendrick, and Kane
Finlay started off with Kendrick. The men circled around each other before locking up. Finlay and Kendrick reversed several armbars. Finlay dove his shoulder INTO Kendrick's shoulder before hitting an atomic drop. Finlay uppercut Kendrick hard across the chest multiple times. Batista was tagged in as Finlay held onto Kendrick's foot. Batista rammed his shoulder into Kendrick's ribs at the front corner. Batista suplexed Kendrick, and received a nearfall in his cover. Kendrick was backed into his opponent's corner and Finlay was tagged in. Finlay hit a vicious European uppercut to Kendrick. The men dropped to the outside mat. Kendrick was thrown back in. Kendrick tried hitting a baseball slide kick, but Finlay pulled up the ring apron. Finlay beat Kendrick at the ring apron. MVP tried to get involved but Hornswoggle ran across the ring apron and splashed him!

Smackdown took a commercial break.

Mysterio was just tagged in as Smackdown resumed. Mysterio picked up Kendrick as he was laid out. Mysterio bounced off the front ropes and hit a very low dropkick like maneuver. Mysterio eyed Kane, and Kane moved towards him from the ring apron. Mysterio went to the action at hand, and tagged in Hardy. Hardy from the top turnbuckle hit a diving elbow. From the front corner, Hardy used a headtakedown to Kendrick. Hardy received a nearfall in his corner. Hardy was whacked in the head, and Finlay was tagged in. Kendrick dropkicked Finlay once and then twice. Kendrick showed off, taunting Finlay in the ring. Hornswoggle got on the ring apron, wearing Kendrick's jacket and mocking him. Kendrick exited the ring and chased Hornswoggle. Finlay, from nowhere, laid out Kendrick with a clothesline. Eziquiel came around and laid out Finlay with clothesline. JBL helped Finlay back in the ring and then was tagged in by Kendrick. JBL began hammering at Finlay all over the ring. JBL hit multiple elbow drops to Finlay. JBL covered Finlay for a two-count. JBL brought Finlay to his feet, and Kane was tagged in. JBL held onto Finlay, as Kane kicked at him. Kane stomped at Finlay several times. In the back corner, Kane pounded at Finlay with his feet and fists. MVP was tagged in and kneed Finlay in the gut with his knee. MVP bodyslammed Finlay and hit an elbow drop. MVP received a nearfall. On the mat, MVP applied a frontal face lock. In his opponents corner, MVP and JBL double teamed Finlay for the moment. JBL was the legal man. JBL distracted the referee as Kane chocked Finlay with the back ropes. Finlay tried to fight out of the corner, but JBL planted a huge clothesline! JBL received a nearfall. Finlay was bounced off the side ropes, and hit a DDT to JBL! Both men were being called to make a tag by their members! Batista and MVP were in! Batista clotheslined MVP before whipping him into the back corner. Batista laid out Kendrick, and then threw Kendrick into MVP in the front corner. Batista fought off Kane with a spinebuster! Batista speared MVP and then signaled for the Batista Bomb! Batista set up MVP for the Batista Bomb to MVP. Kendrick came out Batista, and Batista threw him over his shoulder. Batista laid out MVP in the ring. Mysterio was tagged in. Mysterio climbed to top turnbuckle and then stepped onto Batista's shoulder. From Batista's shoulder, Mysterio splashed MVP! Kendrick got involved in Mysterio's cover. Mysterio set up Kendrick for the 6-1-9. Mysterio hit a head scissors take down to MVP! Mysterio bounced off the back ropes, where Kane tripped Mysterio from the outside. This match continues as Smackdown took a commercial break.

Kane made a nearfall as Smackdown resumed. Kane applied a headlock to Mysterio on the mat. Mysterio was shot in the face by Kane, and almost shoved out of the ring. Grabbing Mysterio, Kane tagged in Kendrick. Kendrick stomped at Mysterio, and received a nearfall. Kendrick, on Mysterio's back, applied a cross-armed armlock. Mysterio slowly worked his way to his feet. Kendrick tagged in JBL. JBL chopped Mysterio across the face as he taunted Batista. JBL faced Batista as he hit a over the shoulder throw to Mysterio. Batista interfered in the match. JBL was still in control as MVP was tagged in. MVP splashed Mysterio on the mat. Mysterio was bounced off the front ropes, and hit with a face-first slam. Kendrick was the legal man now. From the top turnbuckle, he stomped on Mysterio's shoulder. Mysterio punched Kendrick repeatedly but was shoved into the front ropes. Mysterio kicked Kendrick away from him. Hardy was tagged in and so was MVP! Hardy hammered at MVP. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but MVP shoved him to the front corner. Hardy hit the Whisper N The Wind! Hardy covered MVP, but JBL stepped in! All the superstars got in the ring and faced each other, throwing various maneuvers around. Mysterio hit the 6-1-9 to MVP before laying out Kane at the outside mat. Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb to MVP for the victory!

Hardy, Mysterio, Hardy, Finlay and Hornswoggle celebrated in the ring as Jim Ross and Tazz were shown at ringside. Ross introduced a look-back promo on the rivalry between Big Show and The Undertaker.
Smackdown took a commercial break.

Teddy Long and Mike Adamle were shown in Vickie Guerrero's office. Big Show entered the room and asked what they were doing. Tiffany asked how Vickie was and Big Show ordered them to get out of his office. Chavo Guerrero showed up at Big Show's side, complaining about the pain in his back and asked how he was going to be protected. Big Show and Guerrero began to be argue who would in charge tonight. Big Show told Chavo he would have a match tonight, and if he didn't show up for his match, he would be forced to face him.

From Raw, the Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella came down to the ring with his Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. Marella, with the microphone, spoke about it felt great to be on Smackdown and how he is the best Intercontinental Champion, and the most feared man in the WWE. Marella brought up the Honk-A-Meter; he has now been champion for 6.71 weeks while the Honky Tonk Man was champion for 64 weeks. Marella commented on Shelton Benjamin, calling him "Goldie Locks", among other incoherent insults.
Smackdown took a commercial break.

Shown from the Titan Tron screen, Shelton Benjamin talked about how he would face Santino Marella or also known as Beth Phoenix's boyfriend. Benjamin claimed that Marella should not even be mentioned in the same breath as him, and tonight he would prove why he is the better Gold Standard.

Shelton Benjamin vs Santino Marella
Both men, with their gold belts around their waist, handed their titles to the referee. The champions circled each other. Marella attempted to lock up but Benjamin ducked out of the way. Marella talked some trash ash e applied a side headlock. Benjamin lifted Marella off his feet and threw him towards the front corner. Benjamin dropkicked Marella before digging his knee into Marella's chest. Benjamin swung Marella into a clothesline. Benjamin measured Marella before hitting a frontal facial slam. R-Truth's music began and Benjamin stopped to find out where he was. R-Truth rapped to his theme music as the match was pulled to a complete halt. Marella was still laid out on the canvas. Benjamin continued on, pushing Marella to the side of the ring. Benjamin climbed to the second turnbuckle, taking his eye off the ball. From behind, Marella flipped Benjamin to the mat for a roll-up and the pinfall! A complete upset victory for Marella as Benjamin is seething in the ring. R-Truth stood at the ramp smiling and asked "What's up?".

Smackdown took a commercial break.

The World's Largest Athlete, Big Show, stalked down to the ring with a serious expression on his face. Big Show addressed Vickie Guerrero, asking her to rest easy because he had everything in control. Big Show said he arranged something very special for Chavo Guerrero and his match. The third generation superstar came down to the ring as Big Show stuck around at ringside. Guerrero looked around as he entered the ring and posed for the fans. Guerrero's opponent ended up being ECW's Mark Henry. Henry came down to the ring with the WWE Legend Tony Atlas trailing close behind. Shocking everyone, especially Chavo Guerrero, The Great Khali was announced as Henry's tag team partner!

Chavo Guerrero vs Mark Henry and The Great Khali
Big Show could be heard supporting Guerrero, in his time of need. Guerrero ducked out of a swing by Henry. Henry came back, headbutting Guerrero and striking him in the back. Khali was soon tagged in as Guerrero was down and out. Khali slammed Guerrero to the mat. Khali raised his hands in the air and the fans jeered. Henry was back in and hit a big bodyslam. Khali was tagged in. Khali lifted Guerrero up to his feet and applied the Khali vice, squeezing Chavo's head. Chavo was forced down to his knees and the referee within seconds called for the bell! Guerrero was tossed to the outside mat, where Big Show stood. A slap heard around the world, Big Show chopped Guerrero in the back!

Big Show entered the ring and said he hoped The Undertaker was watching. Big Show declared he could do the exact same thing to him as he did to Guerrero. Big Show spoke a few more words and the lights went out several times. Big Show left the ring and the lights went out. The lights came back on to a dark blue and The Undertaker stood in the ring. Big Show and The Undertaker will face each other in the squared circle this Sunday at No Mercy.
Smackdown took a commercial break.

Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, and Manu stood in the ring as footage of them from earlier today speaking about how great they were as the top generational superstars in the business, and claiming they would beat Carlito and Primo Colon. The Colon Brothers becoming the new tag team champions last week was played as the title holders made their entrance. Carlito suggested this match would be a six-man tag team match since, if this was just a four man tag team match, Manu would be left to stand at ringside like an idiot. Raw superstar CM Punk made his entrance and slapped Rhodes across the face as soon as he entered the ring.

Carlito, Primo Colon, and CM Punk vs Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, and Manu
Primo went to face DiBiase first. The men locked up, and then Primo took DiBiase down for a nearfall. DiBiase charged Primo into his corner, where Rhodes was tagged in. Primo bounced himself off the ropes, and Carlito tagged himself in. Primo and Carlio hit double drop kicks to Rhodes and DiBiase, respectively. Carlito was thrown over the top ropes. Rhodes rammed Carlito into the security wall. Manu was tagged in and headbutted Carlito. Manu bounced himself off the front ropes and hit a diving headbutt to Carlito. DiBiase was tagged in and hit a dropkick to Carlito. DiBiase gained a nearfall. DiBiase applied a headlock to Carlito on the mat. Carlito got to his feet and elbowed DiBiase in the face. Primo was tagged in and began dropkicking DiBiase. DiBiase threw Primo onto his back and got a nearfall. Rhodes was tagged in. Rhodes hit a White Russian Leg Sweep. Primo gutted Rhodes once. Rhodes applied an armbar chinlock near his opponent's corner. Primo elbowed Rhodes in the stomach. Rhodes shoved Primo to the front ropes, and Primo caught himself. Rhodes went for a dropkick, but no one was home. Rhodes landed on his back. Punk and DiBiase were tagged in. Punk hit DiBiase with a springboard clothesline! Punk hit a dropkick to DiBiase before a high knee smash in the front corner. Punk's cover was stopped by his opponent's corner. Carlito and Primo took over Manu and Rhodes to the outside mat. Punk hit the GTS to DiBiase for the victory!

Jesse and Festus were shown backstage watching Smackdown. Jim Ross and Tazz thanked them for helping Smackdown move to MyNetworkTV. All the divas from all the brands began to descend down the ramp as a lumberjill match between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix was announced.
Smackdown took a commercial break.
The divas stood around the ring as the Women's Champion Beth Phoenix was announced first. The Smackdown homegirl and first-ever Divas Champion Michelle McCool made her entrance next.

Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool - Lumberjill match
Phoenix and McCool locked up. McCool got the upperhand with a side headlock. Phoenix tossed McCool to the back ropes, and then elbowed her in the face. McCool took Phoenix to the mat with a spear into a roll-up. McCool received a nearfall. The girls reversed several armbar-like maneuvers. McCool was lifted into Phoenix's shoulders; McCool's legs were wrapped around Phoenix's waist. McCool blocked Phoenix's attempt for a slam. Phoenix managed to hit the slam a second time. Phoenix lifted McCool up onto her shoulder, applying a squeeze to McCool's back. McCool tried to fight out. McCool using the front ropes escaped the hold and landed on her feet. McCool hit a dropkick and gained a nearfall. McCool elbowed Phoenix in the face. McCool kicked Phoenix in the chest. Phoenix landed on the outside mat, but nobody touched her. McCool went for a baseball slide kick and missed. The girls attacked McCool and a brawl broke out. Eventually, Phoenix and McCool returned to the ring. Maryse held onto McCool near the side ropes. From behind, Phoenix slammed into McCool. Phoenix covered McCool for a nearfall! McCool tried to reclaim some dominance and went to the top turnbuckle of the front corner. Maryse from the outside hit McCool in the face. Phoenix lifted McCool off the top turnbuckle and maneuvered her around. Phoenix hit a finishing maneuver called "The Glam Slam"! McCool's face was planted right into the canvas as Phoenix picked up the victory!

Smackdown took a commercial break.
A promo of the rivalry between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels was played. Jim Ross had made a tiny blurb about the match before the footage was shown. Aftewards, Jim Ross and Tazz took turns listing the matches set for No Mercy.

For our main event, the Champions vs Champions Triple Threat Match, from ECW Matt Hardy made his entrance first. The ECW Champion prepared in the ring as Smackdown's own WWE Champion Triple H made his entrance. Jim Ross for several minutes complimented and hyped up Triple H.
Smackdown took a commercial break.

Hailing from Monday Night Raw, the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, was the last to make his presence in the squared circle. Jericho took his time walking down the ramp and entering the ring.

Matt Hardy vs Triple H vs Chris Jericho
The screen went blurry at the beginning of the match. Triple H and Jericho began smack talking each other and Hardy tried to break them up. Jericho slapped Hardy in the face. Hardy shoved him back. Triple H and Hardy worked against Jericho, punching him around the ring and hitting a double elbow. Hardy hit a suplex to Jericho. Hardy delivered an elbow drop to Jericho before shoving Hardy shoulder-first into the front corner. From behind, Triple H hit a DDT to Hardy. Triple H hit a suplex to Jericho for a nearfall. Triple H punched Jericho at the back ropes. Jericho was bounced into the front ropes. Jericho kicked Triple H in the shoulder and then clotheslined him. In the front corner, Jericho took his shots at Triple H and there were multiple ones. Jericho was reversed off the side ropes. Triple H hit Jericho with a high knee smash. Hardy speared Triple H and brawled him to the outside mat. Triple H tired re-enter the ring, but Hardy shot him in the back. Jericho using the ropes hit a springboard dropkick Triple H at the ring apron. Triple H collided with Hardy, and both men fell to the outside mat. This match continues as Smackdown took a commercial break.

Hardy hit a diving elbow to Jericho as Smackdown came back. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate to Jericho, but Jericho shoved Hardy to the side ropes. Triple H pulled down the top rope, and over Hardy went to the outside mat. Jericho hammered away at Triple H as he entered the ring. Jericho headbutted Triple H twice at the back ropes. Jericho was reversed into the ropes, and Triple H hit a spinebuster! Triple H was ready for the pedigree. Triple H almost locked it in, but Jericho countered. Jericho catapulted Triple H into the front corner, where Hardy stood at the top turnbuckle. Triple H inadvertently knocked Hardy onto his family jewels, so to speak. Jericho covered Triple H for a nearfall. Hardy barely hung on at the top turnbuckle at the front corner. Jericho climbed up the ropes and went for a suplex. Triple H came into the mix, and a three-man suplex was hit! All champions are down and out as the referee begins to count them out. Triple H threw his arm over Jericho for a count, and received a nearfall. Triple H was on his feet first as Jericho and Hardy were still trying to recover. Triple H threw Jericho into the back ropes, and applied the sleeper hold. Jericho countered with a back drop. Jericho stumbled to the side ropes. Jericho went for the lionsault, but Triple H moved. Jericho landed hard on his feet. Triple H was thinking for the figure four leg lock on Hardy, but Hardy moved out of the way. Jericho flipped Triple H onto his stomach and into the Walls of Jericho! Jericho challenged Triple H to submit. Triple H, with great strength, crawled to the back ropes. But, Jericho maneuvered Triple H to the center of the ring! Hardy came in to stop Triple H from tapping out. Hardy and Jericho flipped roll-ups. Jericho got a nearfall. Hardy managed to throw off Jericho and into the back corner. Hardy hit the bulldog for a nearfall! Jericho went for the Codebreaker, but Hardy countered for a jack-knife pin. Hardy received a nearfall! Hardy hit the side-effect to Jericho! Triple H, at the last second, hit the pedigree for the victory! A replay of several maneuvers were played. Triple H went to leave the ring and Jericho tripped him. Jericho exited the ring and brought out a ladder. Obviously, Jericho wants some extreme retribution to Triple H from this past Monday night. The ladder was brought into the ring, and Hardy was whacked in the face. Just as Jericho planted the ladder to destroy Triple H, Jeff Hardy rushed into the ring. Jericho was thrown out of the ring! Jeff faced his brother for a moment before Triple H turned him around. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate to the WWE Champion! Jeff set up the ladder in the ring and was going for the Swanton Bomb. Vladimir Kozlov entered the ring and headbutted Hardy in mid-air! Kozlov, with the final words, slammed Triple H to the canvas! Kozlov stood tall in the ring as Smackdown's premiere episode on MyNetworkTv came to a close.
30 September 2008 @ 04:50 am
An ECW preview has yet to be provided for tonight's broadcast. Match listings will be updated as they are given on WWE.com.

Remember that ECW is changing time slots tonight. The show will start at 9pm eastern from now on! Results will be posted at a later time.

ECW Results 09/30/08Collapse )
Tiffany stood in the ring alongside Teddy Long; Tiffany introduced the general manager and then the ECW Champion Matt Hardy. Hardy received a resounding ovation from the fans. After Hardy entered the ring, his challenger for this Sunday's No Mercy was shown. Mark Henry charged into the ring with WWE Legend Tony Atlas at his side.

Hardy and Henry were given microphones. Long reminded the men they were just five days away from the pay-per-view event No Mercy, where the ECW title will be on the line. Long explained he wanted to get them together so they can just express their final words. Henry reminded Hardy that no only does he have to face himself this Sunday, but Hardy will have to face Triple H and Chris Jericho this Friday on Smackdown. Henry claimed that Hardy will do nothing but be an embarrassment to ECW. Hardy replied that he think he will do ECW proud. Henry said that he this triple-threat match should not be his match, but that was okay, he will right all the wrongs this weekend. Hardy talked about how he loved the challenges, especially this Friday's triple threat match. Hardy talked about how the loves to be champion because he represents all the superstars in the back, all the fans and the audience across the world; it's not about feeding his ego, selling out a WWE Legend to carry his bags; Hardy being champion is about being a real champion. Hardy declared he would prove his words to Henry at No Mercy.

Henry and Hardy went to get into a fight but Long stopped them. Just then, The Miz and John Morrison came out to the ring with microphones. Miz and Morrison reminded Long the action they gave him last week, a match that will be reminded forever. Morrison and Miz wanted to face Ricky Ortiz since he ruined their match last week and beat them up while they were down. Morrison and Miz called Ortiz and fellow superstar Evan Bourne nerds and chanted 'Nerds' repeatedly until Long called for them to stop. Long announced a huge main event match; Evan Bourne, Ricky Ortiz, and Matt Hardy versus Mark Henry, The Miz, and John Morrison!

ECW took a commercial break.

Jack Swagger vs Lenny Lane
Swagger began with an agressive lock-up. Swagger threw Lane to the mat and then into the back corner. Swagger slammed Lane to the mat face-first. Swagger kicked Lane in the ribs! Lane, on his feet, clobbered Swagger with several punches. Swagger bounced off the ropes and hit Lane in the face with a knee smash. Swagger slammed Lane to the mat with a waist lock powerbomb. His maneuver landed him in the victory! As Lane tried to leave the ring at the back ropes, Swagger hit a DDT. ECW Original Tommy Dreamer ran to the ring as Swagger smiled widely and exited the squared circle. The former world champion Tommy Dreamer will be in an official match, next!

ECW took a commercial break.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker mentioned various WWE News.

Tommy Dreamer vs Mike Knox
Dreamer and Knox locked up. Knox gutted Dreamer in the abs with his knee. Knox bounced Dreamer off the ropes. Dreamer managed to blocked a standing hiptoss, but was laid out with a half clothesline. Dreamer got to his feet and hammered at Knox. Dreamer in the back corner, elbow Knox. From the second rope, Dreamer lunged at Knox. Knox clotheslined Dreamer in mid-air. Knox stood around in the ring as Dreamer was down. Knox stomped at Dreamer before hitting a vertical suplex. Knox hit a knee drop to Dreamer. Dreamer was grounded with a chinlock. Dreamer got to a vertical base, and began pummeling Knox. Dreamer was forced into the back corner. Dreamer kicked Knox away from him and hit a bulldog. Dreamer hit an elbow drop, and received a nearfall. Dreamer forced Knox to his feet and went to place Knox on the top turnbuckle. Knox blocked but Tommy countered, ramming Knox into the second turnbuckle. Dreamer went for a dropkick, but he slid through the second ropes. Dreamer was rammed into the steel post shoulder first! Knox covered Dreamer and picked up the win!

As Dreamer was laid out in the ring, Swagger rushed into the ring. Swagger hit a waistlock powerbomb to Dreamer!
ECW took a commercial break.
Todd Grisham and Matt Striker were shown at ringside; they spoke about the weekend ahead for WWE. Wrestlemania broadcast on MyNetworkTv on Thursday evening, Smackdown moves to My Network Tv on Friday, and the pay-per-view event No Mercy on Sunday. The broadcasters took turns listing the matches for No Mercy.

John Morrison and The Miz came down to the ring together. The six man tag team match will be next!
ECW took a commercial break.

Mark Henry joined his tag team partners The Miz and John Morrison immediately after the commercial break. The opposing team, Evan Bourne, Ricky Ortiz, and Matt Hardy gathered in the ring after finishing their entrances.

Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, and Ricky Ortiz vs John Morrison, The Miz, and Mark Henry
Bourne went to square off against Miz first. The two locked up in the ring. Miz backed Bourne into the back corner. The referee separated the two. Miz kicked Bourne in the abs twice. Bourne flew out of the ring with punches of his own. Miz was bounced off the ropes, and hit a huge shoulder block to Bourne. Coming off the side ropes, Bourne hit Miz with a round heel kick. Ortiz was made the legal man. Bourne hit a low dropkick before returning to the ring apron. Ortiz was clocked in the throat. Miz backed Ortiz into his corner. Morrison was tagged in. Morrison hammered Oriz in his back. Morrison bounced Ortiz off the front ropes. Ortiz hit a flying shoulder tackle to knock Morrison to the mat. Morrison's face was planted into the top turnbuckle. Morrison in the front corner was flipped to his stomach! Bourne was tagged in. Bourne was bounced off the back ropes, and from the outside, Miz tripped Bourne. Morrison picked up where his team mate left off. Morrison hammered at Bourne on the outside mat. They returned to the ring. Morrison received a nearfall. Morrison applied a hammer lock on the mat to Bourne. Bourne got to his feet and kicked Morrison in the leg. Morrison dropped Bourne with a round heel kick. Miz was tagged in. Miz pushed his knee against Bourne's throat. Miz dropped an elbow drop, and received a nearfall. Miz applied an armbar chinlock on the mat. Bourne squirmed and clawed out of the hold and onto his feet. Bourne flipped Miz to the mat with a headscissors takedown! Hardy was tagged in and delivered an elbow drop. After a swinging neckbreaker, Hardy got a nearfall! Morrison got involved in the match. Morrison was flipped over Hardy's shoulders to the mat. Hardy went for the bulldog with Miz. Morrison took a swing at Hardy, but Hardy ducked. Hardy clotheslined both Morrison and Miz! Henry entered the ring, and Hardy's tag team partners, Ortiz and Bourne, came to Hardy's side. This match continues as ECW took a commercial break.

Hardy had Morrison grounded to the mat with an armlock as ECW returned. Henry and Miz as at their corner, yelling at Morrison not to submit and attempt to make a tag. Morrison got to his feet, but Hardy held onto the armbar and hit Morrison with an armdrag. Morrison got to a vertical base once more. Hardy jacked Morrison's arm across his shoulder. Ortiz was tagged in and made a shot at Morrison's arm. Ortiz dropped Morrison to his knees with a twisted armbar. Hardy was tagged in again. Hardy from the second rope, hit a diving elbow to Morrison's arm. Hardy tagged in Bourne. Bourne used Hardy to run into Morrison into the back corner. Morrison's arm was still worked on as Ortiz was tagged in. Ortiz covered Morrison for a nearfall. Bourne was tagged in again and hit a stompdown from the top turnbuckle. Bourne hit a standing hiptoss to Morrison. Bourne received a nearfall. Ortiz was tagged in. Morrison was reversed into the back ropes, and kicked Ortiz in the shoulder. Henry was tagged in and began demolishing Ortiz! Henry headbutted and manhandled Ortizi n the ring with practically one hand. Ortiz was backed into his opponent's corner. Miz was tagged in. Miz took Ortiz to the mat with a head takedown. Miz applied a headlock around Ortiz. Ortiz threw Miz to the mat. Ortiz brought Miz to the mat for a nearfall. Miz clotheslined Ortiz! Morrison was tagged in and sat on Ortiz, punching him repeatedly. Morrison elbowed Ortiz in the back, preventing him from making a tag to his teammates. Morrison applied a headscissors to Ortiz on the canvas. Ortiz struggled for several moments before getting to a vertical base. Morrison was turned to sit on Ortiz's shoulders. Ortiz slammed Morrison to the mat back-first! Miz was tagged in and cut off Ortiz from making a tag. Miz stomped at Ortiz and pulled him away from the front corner. Morrison was tagged in, as Ortiz slammed him to the mat. Morrison applied a frontal face lock. Ortiz lifted Morrison off his feet, but the maneuver was still locked in. Morrison elbowed Ortiz in the back. Morrison took a cheap shot at Bourne. Bourne was tagged in and immediately threw and slammed Morrison around the ring. Morrison was hit with a round heel kick. Bourne climbed ot the top turnbuckle and splashed Morrison! Hardy and Ortiz got involved in the match when Miz broke off Bourne's cover. Henry was tagged in and immediately lifted Bourne into his arms! Henry with the World's Strongest Slam to Bourne gained the victory for his team!
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