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05 October 2008 @ 05:16 am
WWE is concluding its blockbuster week with the much anticipated pay-per-view No Mercy. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho have driven each other to the edge during their rivalry, and tonight it might just get even more brutal. "The Heartbreak Kid" challenges Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match. The ultimate risk-taker Jeff Hardy has come time and time again to reaching the brass ring and claiming a spot at the top of the success ladder only to miss. To most, it seems Hardy has one last chance to be crowned a world champion and defy what all naysayers believe when he faces Triple H for the WWE Championship. While Jeff Hardy has had his trials and tribulations as a singles competitor, his brother Matt Hardy, earned the ECW Championship in a Championship Scramble match at Unforgiven. Matt's opponent Mark Henry believes that when competing one-on-one there is no chance in hell of Hardy leaving the ring with the gold belt. Tonight, Hardy will put his title on the line against the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. Which superstars will leave as a champion? Also, Batista and JBL will fight for the next number one contendership, Beth Phoenix puts her Women's Championship on the line against Candice Michelle, the ultimate underdog Rey Mysterio will square off against the unsympathetic maniacal Kane, and two of the biggest Goliath's in WWE history, Big Show and The Undertaker will collide inside the squared circle.

Remember you can purchase No Mercy through your local cable/satellite provider or purchase to view the webcast on WWE.com. The WWE homepage have provided the following instructions on how to do purchase the webcast. No Mercy begins at 8pm eastern only on pay-per-view/webcast. Results for tonight's event will be posted at later time.

Matt Hardy retains his ECW Championship against Mark Henry Towards the end of the match, Henry delivered a huge splash to Henry. Hardy kicked out of Henry's cover. Out of nowhere, Hardy hit the Twist of the Fate to get the pinfall.

Beth Phoenix retained his Women's Championship against Candice Michelle There aren't many details about this match. Apparently, Satino Marella came down to the ring during the match. He did not end up costing Phoenix the match as he has done in past weeks.

Rey Mysterio defeated Kane via disqualification Towards the end of the match, Mysterio was trying everything to keep Kane down. Mysterio it the 6-1-9 to the back of Kane's leg. Kane went to the outside mat and was hit by a baseball slide kick from Mysterio. Mysterio went off the top rope for a dive but Kane whacked him with a chair.

There was a brief in-ring segment. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, from the broadcast table, hyped that the number one contender match was going to happen next. MVP's music was played and MVP came down to the ring. He spoke about how the entire WWE Universe should revolve around him. Randy Orton interrupted, and introduced himelf to MVP. They argued who was the better superstar and most important superstar. MVP hinted that he would knock out Randy Orton, since he was apart of the Smackdown roster and could not be suspended for it. Team Priceless (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr) came down to the ring with Manu. The five of them quarreled with each other until Orton is the first to leave the ring. CM Punk eventually came down with Kofi Kingston, where a minitature brawl broke out.

Batista defeated JBL Towards the end of the match, JBL was whipped into a corner and splashed by Batista. Batista slammed down JBL and stalked him, measuring him for the spear. Batista went for the spear, but JBL blocked. Batista hit the spinebuster and then the Batista Bomb for the victory.

Big Show defeated The Undertaker Undertaker was hammering away at Big Show in the corner. Undertaker was distracted by the referee, who was trying to create some distance. Undertaker smacked his head into one of the turnbuckles that was exposed earlier in the match. BIg Show planted a big right hand on Undertaker and sent him to the mat. Big Show delivered some 'knock out' punches to Undertaker and the referee called for the bell. Big Show was winner by knock-out.

Triple H retained his WWE Championship against Jeff Hardy Hardy hit the Whisper N The Wind, and things looked pretty good for him. Hardy went to the top turnbuckle and attempted the Swanton Bomb, only to miss. Triple H went for the pedigree but Hardy countered with the Twist of Fate. Again, Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb and it connected. Hardy covered Triple H, but Triple H reversed to steal the three-count.

Chris Jericho retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels This match was a long battle. Towards the end, Michaels and Jericho were hobbling up the ladder. The two battled it out as they reached the top steps. Jericho was hung upside down. Lance Cade came out and Michaels goes off the ladder to splash Cade. Cade eats a Sweet Chin Music as Jericho is at the top of the ladder. Jericho had the belt within his reach as Michaels raced up the ladder. The both of them were tugging for the belt. Finally, Jericho knocked off Michaels to grab the belt. Jericho ended up falling to the mat. It's rumored Jericho might have injured his knee this past Friday night on Smackdown.